Technical Website Review

Spybot Search & Destroy - 27.08.2003

What I hate most when using Internet is, my activity is monitored and some websites installed spyware without my permission. I find this software very useful and handy. It will search whole hard disk and registry and show us any spyware or adware that it found, then we can simply ask the software to destroy it!. Having this software and Proxomitron, now I feel a bit more comfortable surfing the net. To try it, please visit the site at Yes, it's FREE!.

Naoko Proxomitron - 26.08.2003

This site feature a piece of very useful software in my opinion - it is personal Proxy program. This software runs on Windows platform though :-(. What makes its cool is because it packed with useful filtering tools to handle the way you want your web browser acts on the Internet. If you want a faster, ad-free, pop-up free, animation-free, nosey-free page viewing,etc, try out this software at One last thing, it's FREE! (at the time I wrote this review).

Kaichuan He Open Source Project - 03.05.2003

If you are an open source fan, this website might be of interest of you. There are few cool programs that worth to try out. Check this page at