"Winmodem" (Linmodem) on Asus L2000D Notebook.

L2D warranty

Date: 04.02.2004
By: Maznan Deraman
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

OS: Redhat Linux 7.3

1) check your modem type - "lspci"
2) If your modem using Smart Link HAMR5600, go download this driver
from ftp://ftp.smlink.com/linux/unsupported/ and get the latest version of the driver. I have this version here.
3) unpack the file (tar -zxvf )
4) cd into directory of the unpacked files
5) READ!!!! the README!
6) Test dialing, if failed, check your steps again and again.

Everything works fine with my notebook. I hope you manage to get it worked with yours too. Ciao!.


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